Who This Could Be

I rely upon my belief systems for support when my limited knowledge base isn’t of too much help.

For example, I believe a hair cut can change a person’s life and lay milestones for the record.

I believe all people are beautiful and shiny with little dark corners like those at the end of kohl-lined eyes. The dark corners that accentuate beauty when smiling. Sometimes, I am in love with all the people I know.

I believe beauty can be documented, but only so much. Yet another wise sage told me, “If something goes without saying, let it.” I try.

I keep equivocating between limiting the experience by taking pictures or expanding the experience of taking pictures. I am yet to find a balance.

My favorite breakfast is a single sunny-side-up with 2 slices of toasted brown bread and tea.

I also now know, and not believe, that I have the infinite potential to be in awe of everything I haven’t already been in awe of.

I believe I am deep Turtle.


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