MLC Stage 2: Contemplation – Who, What, How

Essentially, I am conflicted, between
a. the ego trying to deposit monuments on life’s canvas
b. the fact that the ego can only drive you to chase senseless materialistic derivatives that are temporary emollients for the soul.

Ergo, to ego or not to ego?

Should I just be sitting on my veranda, smoking a pipe, and watching a sunset?

Ayurveda, one of the only deep paradigms I have recently had a brush with, says that the human body needs to eat, defecate, and have sex in the right amounts.
Similarly, the mind needs to meditate, learn, and think in the right amounts.
And we should be fine. Apparently.


2 thoughts on “MLC Stage 2: Contemplation – Who, What, How

  1. There will be a time when you will stop thinking about this question because something will begin to change. But don’t expect a linear; bottom to top growth. It’s like a circle. You reach a certain state and then again you come back to where you started. But every time you come back, there is a new realization.

    How I wish I was there when you were watching the sunset…it must be really beautiful. You’re blessed to be where you are.

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