Baby Squirrel Rehabilitation

So our new roomie – A – majorly into biking hence knows lots of mountain biker friends – brought home this little thing yesterday.

Behold! A baby squirrel:

What Baby Squirrels Look Like

Because I don’t have the actual pics handy as I type this – and I did take pics of course – we’ll use one from the web.

So anyhoo:
Apparently – this little critter needs to be fed every 2 hours – even thru the night – crawls around – and hasn’t opened it’s eyes yet. And after feeding you need to take a wet cotton ball and rub its genitals – to make it pee and shit.

A of course thinks her friend is nuts. She asks him “S – what happened to your biking morals. Squirrels are the guys who try to jump under your wheels when you are biking at high speeds and cause you to crash. ” But that’s only A’s way of having fun and making fun of the situation.

What S has done is:
– Put the little guy in a moving box.
– Put a heating pad under 2 pillow cases.
– Put in a meat thermometer that measures the temperature of the box so we can maintain it at a steady 90 F.
– Made a box of dog puppy formula.
– Given us a box of Gatorade.
– One syringe minus the needle is the titties the little guy feeds off of.
– Put in a warm blanket on top to protect him.
And called it a day. He’s off to Nevada to see a biking show while A sticks around out here and takes care of the little guy. This house has one new species taking our time and attention now.

The dog in the house – Molly – freaks out every time we open the box.

So I went online to do a little bit of reading on how to take care of a squirrel. More reading for anyone who cares – Baby Squirrel Rehabilitation. Supremely interesting I say.

From the fact that we just aren’t equipped to take care of this little thing and how we can only try – baby caring is a journey of immense discovery.


3 thoughts on “Baby Squirrel Rehabilitation

  1. OMG! The number of things that you need to look out for! For such a tiny creature! But I’d love to have one of those. They’re extremely cute once they grow up and can scuttle around.

  2. Hahah – you bet. A LOT of things to look out for. Including the part where you have to tickle it’s little weiner to make it pee. It’s the length of the I in 10 pt Arial and about as broad as angel hair pasta. So you have to use a little pinky finger and before you know it you have 3 drops of squirrel pee on your hands.

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