Living with dragons

It’s one of those mornings when you know things are going to be okay when you put on your headphones and listen to music. Until then you blog. My ipod is charging.

And why the sudden dependency on the iPod – well because the guy in my neighboring cubicle keeps munching on something REALLY crunchy, and keeps making those crunch crunch sounds that make me hungry, jealous, and want to find out what he’s eating. Also, on hunger, me can’t work.

While moving in as a housemate is a novel experience unto itself, what makes it interesting is that my housemates are not Indian. I live with 6 individuals. 3 humans, 2 dogs, and 1 reptile. More specifically, a brother sister duo, their bartender friend, all Americans, and 2 labradors – one golden one brown, and a bearded dragon.

It hasn’t just been interesting learning the nuances of how Americans do things around the house, it has also been interesting observing another species – I’ve been around dogs and thought I knew what they did. What wasn’t taken into account is that I made these observations about dogs when I was what – 11? I wouldn’t have know a she-dog could hump my shoulder because I didn’t know what humping meant back then. So yea, one of the she-dogs tried to hump my shoulder when I sat down on the stairs. The other she dog has the most amazing puppy face expressions – she walks around with a plastic box in her mouth all day asking for food, even if the lady of the house fed her before she left. And between two female dogs there is jealousy, competition for attention, and dynamics that try to figure out which one of them plays alpha. You can also almost sense which one of them is more secure and self-confident and which one of them has lower self-esteem.

Recently the bro and sis have become comfortable enough with the lizard to walk around the house with the lizard on their shoulder. To me it looks like a mini crocodile that will flare up and bite me with a venomous sting. Believe me, all this is only in and from my head. Apparently, bearded dragons are near dog-like when it comes to seeking attention and quite friendly.

The dragon sits in an acrylic tank all day, perched on his shoebox, basking under the lamplight focused on one corner of the cage. He sleeps inside the shoebox. Eats sparingly, and looks at you with a stiff upper lip, from the side of his face where his bulbous and haughty eye happens to be. Believe it or not, it’s one of the high points in my life at the moment.

The day I carry him around on my shoulder, I’ll ensure there are pictures to record the moment and will promptly enshrine it on this blog.


So work-wise, things have changed. C H A N G E D. For people who know what I have been like in my past existence, brace yourself and find a chair:

– I wake up at 7 30/7 45 in the morning – on a bad day.
– On a good day, I manage 6 45 am.
– I walk to work.
– I also walk back from work.
– It’s 1.2 miles – one way. That’s nearly 2 kms.
– I cook at least 2 evenings a week.
– And I find time to travel to San Diego during the weekend.
– Here’s the best one: I sleep before 1 am every single day. Most days it’s before 11 30 pm.

Hahaha! And you know what, I’m not complaining at all. In fact, I love it.

And while we are listing accomplishments:
I finally fucking finished ZEN AND THE ART OF MOTORCYCLE MAINTENANCE. I cried. I expected to. But I cried for reasons that I didn’t expect to cry for. It wasn’t just a book. And any attempts to describe it cursorily will be a decision of less quality than not talking about it; just basking in the glow of having digested it, page by page, and of having understood it – experience by experience. 🙂

Next I’m reading On the Road. J gave it to me for the birthday saying – For a trip that lasts longer than a day.

PS: Shiva, I know you said it will be better to read Dharma Bums first, but I couldn’t resist. 😀

Grudge of the day:
I want mood labels and smileys to indicate how weird I am feeling. I want a sign that says – I don’t know how to react to this situation because they don’t do it like that in my culture.

Mood of the moment:
Desperately seeking hot soup and socks!


3 thoughts on “Living with dragons

  1. Ahh now that you are On The Road, you gotta go visit City Lights Bookstore…Thts where these guys used to hang out…and still do I believe…

    Given your reluctance to poetry, I am curious to see how far you will get through…

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