Einstein came close to being God

Ever notice how energetic a baby is when it’s first born. Hands and legs kicking, twinkle in their eye, full of life. I came up with a theory last night.

A man (and this is not gender bias here) is most alive when he is first born. After that he begins dying everyday. Not in the pessimistic sense. A person who is 28 years old, is in fact 28 years deader than a baby who is just born. Energy levels from the first day on are constantly on the conserve and decline.

Around the time you reach teenage, you can’t take the decline of energy any more so you resort to consuming other forms of energy. Now this could be anything. Food, drinks, and drugs apart, you consume knowledge and energy from other people. Social groups are an outcome of direct need for energy. Social associations such as a relationship are the outcome of the need for a shot in the arm of energy. And a person who can give us a shot in the arm everyday, more or less ends up becoming our life partner for whatever duration his/her supply lasts. A baby on the other hand is most independent in terms of crutches. He only needs one woman and some milk.

And then we grow older, and our need for energy far surpasses any amount of need we felt earlier, which we expect our children and grandchildren to provide. Until we don’t want to deal with this energy in packets and finally kick the bucket. When we become energy – just a quantum – according to some theories or converted to potential energy sources for other forms of existence.

Science has other terms for this – biodiversity, ecological balance. We up the tempo of biological phenomenon with our emotions and choose to have an enjoyable or suffering trip. But at the end of the day, it all depends on how much or how little energy you consume from your environment.

This didn’t come out the way I wanted it to.


8 thoughts on “Einstein came close to being God

  1. “This didn’t come out the way I wanted it to.”

    I thought so πŸ™‚ You would have thought it way better in your mind. Maybe a conversation would get the right words and feelings out.

  2. so these constant interchanging /interconnecting energies from birth are the bonds and when one dies the residue energy transforms to–
    what they say soul
    memories of others
    a new life
    endless isnt it ?

  3. And some wise man said and i quote

    how wonderful would it be to start your life as a dead body and then age backwards to a hunched man to a middle aged man with nagging wife to a 30 year old man to a teenager to a kid and finally ur life ending as an orgasm πŸ˜€

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