What should I be doing?

I once had this birthday party where the DJ according to my euphemistic friend was mixing a terrible beat with an even more terrible one. Picture this: DJ console, rookie DJ, trying to look confident while mixing 2 immiscible beats, and what’s more amazing, he was bebopping and grooving to a third one. That didn’t make me want to dance. But I did get drunk and pass out before most of the other guests. 😛

Okay but that’s not the point. I am currently listening to this track, on loop since morning, and those who know me from inside a particular white zen car, would know that this track will loop non stop whenever I am alone for the next 2 months. When I do anything else while listening to it, it is almost like I feel this DJ calling out to me, “Come dance with me..” I can tell whoever made that beat, wanted me to dance with them.

The same goes for a painting. The painter seems to tell you, ” I feel strongly about this, come feel it with me.” Or with a movie, when the director says “I reacted strongly to this situation, come emote with me.” And a book, the author says “Come think with me.”

In short, all artists or creators, are only saying “Come [insert action] with me.” I don’t find that happening in technical writing all that much (there are exceptions of course), like my content doesn’t say “Come deconstruct this application with me. I feel strongly about it”

So obviously, technical writing is not my thing. It’s just something I can do, and no as popular job postings advertise, I am not passionate about manuals. Seriously, you get that so often. Or another one, I do not have a burning desire to communicate about technology. And that doesn’t mean I cannot do a good job of it. I just don’t emote in my documents that’s all.

But a very important thing has dawned upon me with this idea. That all art emotes. All creativity emotes. And you only have to be true to your feeling about anything that you feel strongly about. Like potatoes for instance or soap suds. And that becomes artistic. Which brings me to my “whats-innit-for-me” question. I don’t feel strongly about many things (and I reckon that’s a good thing, else I’ll need therapy).

I am not a thinker. At least not a deep thinker (and I guess you can tell that by reading my blog post). I am not a musician. I cannot draw or paint for nuts. The only thing I can do is communicate. I can communicate well, and of late I have started communicating surprisingly accurately. So what are my options?


8 thoughts on “What should I be doing?

  1. what?????? come communicate with me? become a talk show host? or write an instant messenger application? seriously. what?

  2. yea…in a way proving our worth to ourselves and others…if we go deep into it. Appreciation inflates the ego, critism deflates it (in most cases).

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