Things that I have been up to:

– Doing nothing

– Traveling

Dec 09 Arizona/Utah Roadtrip Route

Dec 09 Arizona/Utah Roadtrip Route


– Pictures: looking, taking, and uploading

Coming soon on facebook.

Oh yea, discovered this quote at the beginning of the trip. Was telling J-man about how it is impossible for me to completely enjoy a trip if I am shooting it, and he threw this line at me. Turns out its old man Thoreau again:

My life has been the poem I would have writ,
But I could not both live and utter it.

The man had made a point. A heavy point. And I agree. So I lived some and uttered much less. Sneak peak coming up soon. Until then Facebook obliges me.

Of course the new year happened and we didnt even realize it was the 31st until the waitress at the Chinese restaurant we ended up at for dinner wished us Happy New Year! So much for turn of the year arrivals.


3 thoughts on “Yup-date

  1. Yep, like this 31st Dec, when I planned to blog about what happened the past year and what I wanted to do during the next. Instead, I just lived it up by abandoning everything at hand and relaxing at home. That’s what I totally wanted to do, and no amount of saying it would have beat the experience.

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