What we are not doing

Everyone is up in flames about RR Patil and Shivraj Patil making comments such as “It was a small incident.” Everyone is telling the Home Minister and Deputy CM, Maharashtra to go home and have chilled beer in Leo’s without security.

Everyone is saying “Enough is enough.”

I did a bit of mud-slinging myself in my last post. It wasn’t as extreme because:

a. I am an extremely shallow thinker.

b. I react with rage at times.

c. I have lost all faith in the Indian jurisdiction, security, and government machinery. Like all of it. From when my car accident happened, to when my dad died and the death certificate became a problem because the BMC officials were on a 2-hour break for dinner at 10 pm in the night, to when two goons threw mud in my face and took my phone, to when my brother went to file a report for his lost passport and was made to take 200 xeroxes of some police document while he waited for the FIR to be filed and they wanted favors to be done, to when I needed a verification ceritificate and had to run around from pillar to post and literally move mountains for ONE signature, and finally to the non-ending civil court case that my brother has inherited after my dad’s death – now in it’s 20th year or so I think. I have had it long ago.

I fairly truly and completely believe that this system that my tax money supports amply over the past 4 years will not come to my rescue in any crisis, calamity, or situation of personal threat unless they have a vested interest in it.

But then,

1. I don’t vote.

2. I believe there should be young, earnest, thinking, and educated blood in politics, and I will be party to that ONLY over my dead body.

3. My shallow minded solution for this democracy crap is part military-part capitalistic economy. Words that yet again my shallowness ensures I don’t know too much of. Not to mention ignorance about the implications of implementing such a thing.

4. I am lazy. My time means money and more provision of luxury for this lazy existence. So I will agree to using bribes where not using it implies delaying an eventuality. Of course, it’s another thing that the system ensures the bribery mechanism because salaries of constables and policemen is the monthly grocery budget for an average middle class house-hold and not a full-fledged allowance for actual existence.

I still stand up to the national anthem though, every time I hear it. (This was for the sake of my self-mutilated ego. )


2 thoughts on “What we are not doing

  1. Welcome to the world of cynicism 🙂 Oh, I notice you have been here for some time already, despite lapses into the strange territories of the two ladies: Hope and Fear.
    I am wondering about an exercise, just to make a point – I am planning to set up a new identity and see if I can drag it out long enough. You know: get a new name, a new ration card, a birth certificate, a proof of residence, a PAN card, passport… the works!
    Shouldn’t take too much effort, I think…

  2. I know what you mean. I dont know if the despair and the frustration in the country today is only because of the failure of a system. I think it is also built on guilt, because, we, the instruments of a system, are just as responsible for its failure.

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