existential crisis

i have begun to believe i have extreme issues in my personality that cause maids to lie to me and not show up when they are expected to. i have already fought with our long-standing maid who holds my grandma at ransom for everything. in fact my grandmom makes tea for her and lifts baggage that stands in her way while sweeping lest the poor thing, approximately 30 years younger than my grandmom fall ill.

is it me? is it my habit of asking the floor to be swept completely and not halfway before using the mop? what have my neighbours got that i aint got. taali ek haath se nahi bajti. kuch tho dosh mera bhi hoga. maina kya galat kar diya. soon i will write a soap opera about this. kyunki bai bhi kabhi raani thi or something.

i hate these effin whores.

however, i am discovering the joys of physical labour and beginning to be less afraid of it.

PS: i also think bangalore maids are infinitely better than the ones in bombay. they don’t run your lives. just your domestic schedule. god of the maids, bless they faltering child. i cannot mop and sweep any longer.


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