magnifying glass

when you have a really empty mind, useless information overwhelmingly cascades in. for example, the temperature of a diet coke tin goes up drastically – like think 35 deg – when kept on the dashboard of a car in the timespace required to start the car and wear the seatbelt in bombay.

then the striking similarity between the words party and potty. have you heard that song doing the rounds of the radio called “saade naal kar le party, kudi tu lagti hai naughty” i think the singer made a decent attempt at rhyme and pulled it off.

also, newsprint does not make any allowances for people who haven’t read newsprint for a day, leave alone for 2.5 years. journalists tend to treat articles outside the editorial section like episodes of a television soap opera. also newsprint today reads like a television soap opera. when was the last time you were ambushed with info about a sindhi girl married to a gujju boy who used to dine out EVERY sunday and doesn’t because of the recession and has to watch costs by eating dhokla or paanki every night. or consider the case of the journalist who alleged angelina jolie was being a drama queen when she only claimed that people didn’t take her humanitarian work seriously because she acted in films. i don’t see the drama. i don’t see the royalty in the claim either. but i do see the effect that daily soap operas is having on the minds of reporters. everything is a scam.

this evening while relaxing on my bean bag i heard the dialogs from 3 different soaps in the span of 1 hour. all this while playing copious amounts of solitaire. in EACH of the serials, someone was victimizing someone else. and the victim was this hapless dumbass victim who for her intelligence and earnestness would have walked into a well of alpha male alligators expecting an aarti. and then there were the protagonist types who defended or saved the day. every day. wearing a strapless or backless blouse and a saree and grandiose amounts of makeup. its near summer here btw.

i think a reality check on television and newspapers is very essential every 2.5 years just so i know i don’t need this info really. like really. i dont give a shit how many eggs aamir khan ate to look ghajinized or how many people in the hanging garden area are taking to yoga post the recession. i’d really much rather read matthew reilly.


2 thoughts on “magnifying glass

  1. I’m sure life would be way better and more fulfilling had there been no newspapers or television. We’d all weave our own stories and live our own adventures than ride on other people’s experiences.

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