i finally let the sun set on chapter 2 in murud. didn’t see a single sunset along the way. from bangalore, kemmenagundi, gokarna, goa, murud, kashid, mumbai.

couldn’t unwind though. kept looking for things to do, or say, or make people do, or organize, or arrange. the tight-rope walk habit from the past 15 months has taken it’s toll. life is getting dangerously reliant on packing a to-do list, like a relentless trance beat that doesn’t let you stop when you don’t want to go on; and then the music stops and your feet keep moving and you look around bewildered. you are tired and wired. but you cannot stop.

gray hair apart, i wonder if it mattered. to the company. to them. to me.

PS: reggae is cool. finally.


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