pull my cart

life is a series of choices between adjectives or possessions. like having money is not the same as being wealthy.

damu was talking last night about how some people can look at a bottle cap and come up with a business plan to make money out of its ridges. they don’t want to make the money. they just know how to ideate and want to get better at the ideation. the money is a by-product.

the other way of living life is to want the money and enroll in an endeavor to make it, then learn the skills necessary. u just keep getting better at making money and the by-product is knowledge of things you don’t give a shit about. visually the cart is pulling the horse… or is it donkey.

i think the fuck up happened in childhood itself.

when i was very young. my parents gave me a set of ideals to be. honest. smart. intelligent.

then came the time when they told me what i should possess. an education. a job. a toolkit for success on the financial and social graphs.

the switch from being to having. it was so subtle. i would fix it around 4th standard. coz after that you are constantly being chiseled to have an SSC degree. an HSC. an engineering degree. a job. a promotion.

after rediscovering the shallowness of my blind indoctrinated and completely believing drift, but having done nothing about it, i figure that my salvation lies in going back to the old method of being.

jedi’s think-feel-be philosophy has taken on enhanced dimension.


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