bombay duck

must every time in Mumbai be an eye opener of sorts. J keeps saying cities are nerve centres of energy flow in the country. in a city like Bombay, the flux is such a kaleidoscopic miasma that you cannot help but resort to the sunglasses. at first brush of course. the play of power. i catch myself trying to prove that i am a nifty driver even if i am driving an 800cc to a 1.3L car driver. an unfamiliar feeling. the wanting to prove to someone else.

dropped by andheri seven bungalows and lokhandwala yday. time was when lokhandwala was centre stage and the fame adlabs complex the high star of the area. right now with the number of buildings and complexes and highrises, that supremacy has been nullified to a great extent. the city is also coated in quilted roads. rectangular concrete blocks and slabs patched with tar blobs again in a square shape, and the latest cobblestoned paving variety that makes the car feel diarrhoea rumbles.

the concrete disconnects the earth from the sky even more.

i roll up semi-tinted glasses and wear full tinted eye gear and groove to 140 bpm music and soak it all in. the energy is inevitable. time to dance.


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