customer service

I have inherent lack of faith in big showrooms. I couldn’t bring myself to give my car to big Maruti service centres and trusted smaller cozy authorized service centres instead.

Of late though, the distance between my trusty MSS has forced me to rely upon the services of those next door (literally, 0.5 kms). The first time I went to them, I needed a major service and the bill of order convinced me that I was going to be lighter by 6k at least. I got gear and engine oil changes, car wash, shampoo, and a host of other things. 2.8k.

Then the 1200 km roadtrip happened. Needless to say the car was in need of something if not a service. First and second gear refused to offer pick up.  Carrie was taken for a service. MSS told me to not get it done. All it required was an air filter clean-up and a timing adjustment. They didn’t charge for it, and got it done in 30 mins flat. Then they offered to get my car number plate fixed without me noticing that it had fallen off. So I noticed and said … oh yea … I really must. 24 hours and Carrie is sporting the front number plate again.

There was a moment when I was so happy with their service that I am going to lean heavily in the direction of Maruti the next time I want to buy a car. In the same moment that I realized that this was a very restrictive commitment, it also occurred to me how Maruti had devised its policies to ensure customers keep coming back to them. They have us eating out of their hands and what’s more we pay them for it. The fact that we are happy is only an added bonus.

Biz dev can get you customers, customer service gets you relationships.


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