what do you do when you see your words borrowed by someone’s thoughts? or your syntactical overtures wound around someone else’s idea.but what do u do when u realize u dont have the thoughts anymore.

life is a universe waiting to happen and cheap sunglasses frosted over by MS Word and Adobe FrameMaker transluscze the view. at sunrise especially.

i’m done raking weeds. for at least a short while. i prefer jasmine.

i’m going to change the world!


One thought on “green

  1. <>>>

    This happens in two cases: one, when we don’think and don’t dig our belief system and conveniently adopt someone else’s. two, when we think and question but still don’t understand what is happening within and witout. And then we come across someone who is better at articulating the thinking that we did. Example:

    Before I bumped into J.KRishnamurti, I could never articulate what was happening within my being. It used to be an unusal state where I knew what was happening, but still I dint. I was looking for expression. I was looking for someone who was going through something similar but knew better about this state. After reading a little bit, my first reaction was, this guy knows what is happening to me. So over time, his words became part of my vocab.


    In thoughtlessness, there is no doing, only being. YOu are not you when this happens…your identity dissolves. Doing is related to identity…

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