the learning curve

one day Paaji walked in and asked, “when was the last time you read a non-fiction book end-to-end?”

my attempt to cite zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance was thwarted because a. i haven’t crossed 277. b. it isn’t serious non-fiction. but i did cite it. for what it’s worth.

then he asked “do you know what that means?” and i said “we’ve stopped learning anything new. and hence we have stopped growing.”

it’s sad but true. i went thru 460 odd pages of Lee Child this week, and 300 pages of Alistair MacLean for old times sake. coz it feels good to go through 50 pages and not be aware of the time. coz it feels good that 50 pages don’t daunt you, shove learnings down your throat, and going the next 50 isn’t going to be sleep inducing.

but that doesn’t take away from the fact that we have in fact stopped learning. i haven’t stagnated more in my life – outside work – as much as i have since i left college. we all did. back then we thought up entire universes. back then we did nothing.


One thought on “the learning curve

  1. What we acquire from books are ideas, perceptions… basically thoughts of others. Thoughts are dead things; they are lifeless. But thinking is alive…thinking is when you question everything that you have learned or experienced so far and find a root cause of everything unconditionally. Knowledge can be a burden if not applied, learning can never remain unapplied.

    (even our experiences are not original. E.g. if I run away after seeing a ghost, it is because I’m told that ghosts are evil. If I don’t and try to communicate with the ghost instead, it is because I’m told that ghosts are not bad…so in both cases my action and reaction depends on what I have been taught.)

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