Learnings from Project Health

1. Giving up on a gym routine for longer than a week can be seriously detrimental. Not to your waistline or weighing scales, no. But to other things. Like letharge. Your reflexes. Resistance. Efficiency. Sinuses. Stomach. So I went promptly back to the gym after 1 full week of tortuous work.

2. Daal is the most gassy substance outside of channa. Daal stored more than 12 hours is likely to give you enough gas for a hot air balloon esp if it’s bought outside.

3. Not eating fibre and fruit through the day and not keeping the 4 meal count can fuck your system. My late night snack pangs have caused the purchases of hajaar eclairs. I have binged beyond belief last week. I went back to fruits today, and find it a major relief. All is normal. In just a day.

4. People here don’t know how to make sourdough bread. N had told me about it when mentioning the high glycemic index bit. Look it up if you are really interested. So neways, it may have the HGI but fuck they make it the best in San Luis style back in SD.

5. Dahi kadhi is amazingly healthy.

6. You can eat more than one banana a week.

7. Destarched rice is a good idea.

8. No skippy mealy. Bad ideasmo. Tres badismo.

9. Don’t go on a diet. Don’t starve yourself. Just cut the fat, and rearrange the timings of carbs intake, split 3/5. Set. GM diet sucks.

10. You can loose upto 4.5 kilos in 2 months.

11. Yoga still rules.


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