The Spamker Awards

My office email ID is inundated with spam from all over the world. Some of these are plain cheesy Viagra ads. Some of the others though are sparkling gems. This is an attempt to honor the minds of those who invested their creativity in bots that sent me these messages. The Spamker Awards are listed by category:

Historical significance: 10 ancient secrets of perfect intimate life.

Liberal Views: More pleasure for you and your lovers.

Political significance: Washington prefers to shoot first

Darwin: We’ll hamper your confidence.

Effectiveness: Tiny help for complete satisfaction.

Rhyme: Amend your problem, of small dimension

Zen: It should be long and not thin!

Action and Adventure: Set your wife on fire

Pastor: You wont be humiliated by girls anymore.

The winner that made me notice the subject lines in the first place, the spamker award for
Brevity Promise and to the pointness: 1 month-1 inch


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