Project Health Status Update

When I found my weight limiting a lot of things I really wanted to do, “that” switch went on. The Project Health switch. So far my interest in health has been purely hedonistic. I mean the state of mind and euphoric bliss you experience after yoga is hedonistic or what. So I got a reasonable amount of fitness in place but never really lost much weight, and instead kept gaining every time I returned to burgerland.

This December found me in Hampi. I couldn’t climb half the rocks. Not to mention dwindling levels of stamina, energy, and enthusiasm. Hampi played on my mind long enough. Then along came a breeze. A friend’s transition from 74 to 47, achieved over a period of 1 year. Spurred me on to join the red and white and silver and big french window gym, hereafter referred to as the Big Gym.

So it’s been 26 days of workouts so far and what have I gained. About 3 kilos off. Some inches that result in falling belt lines. And energy and enthusiasm. Focus. A following perhaps. 2 other women at work have started the same routine as I have, I don’t take credit, but they started right after I did. And suddenly, we have Project Health happening at work as well.

The role model for the project of course was the 74-47 friend. Apparently, she did it all by making little little changes to her lifestyle. I immediately soaked up everything she had to say.

Of these, the changes I did make:

1. Threw out all the junk food and replaced it with fruits.

2. Started packing my own lunch and cooking it. I try not to eat out as well, but this ends up happening at least twice every week.

3. Ate 4 meals a day instead of 3.

4. Breakfast became mandatory, although I am still struggling with this one.

5. At least 1 fruit a day if not 2.

6. No fried snacks or dessert – at least not more than once a week.

7. No rice for dinner. All rice was destarched.

8. At least 4 days at the gym, if not 5.

9. No GM diet. No cutting down on carbs through and through.

10. Enjoying the workout instead of criticizing it in the head came automatically from the “that” switch.

Apart from these, I started inventing recipes that used only 1.5 tsps of oil for 2 portions. Some of these were catastrophic disasters. I intend to log some of the recipes that weren’t all out failures for my reference. Chance doesn’t favor you twice on the same dish.

Music continues to drive the momentum. We also get together once a week at work to do yoga as a group of health enthusiasts. Next in line is an experiment with a swimming pool that PB has finally wished into existence. The pace is amazing. I never imagined I will rave about fitness ever in my life, but try stopping me now.

But most importantly what has changed is everything has become doable and less abominable. Not to mention the fact that I get random ideas more often than I used to earlier. Other Projects keep rearing their heads once in a while. Working toward all is difficult at the same time, Project Health stays top priority.


4 thoughts on “Project Health Status Update

  1. You really must try this… for once in a while:

    My one pot brown rice meal

    Serves 1 person; 2 portions

    1/4 glass of brown/red rice
    2 tsp olive / vegetable oil
    1 small onion, chopped fine
    1/2 to one tomato chopped.
    Salt, red chilli powder to taste
    Herb mix: basil, thyme, oregano… et al.
    Throw in some sprouts.(optional- but tius makes it a one pot meal)

    1. In a cooker (pan), in 2 tsp of oil, saute onion till translucent
    2. Then add the tomato
    3. After it sautes a wee bit, add salt and red chilli
    4. Throw in some sprouts
    5. Wash and add rice.
    6. Add 1/2- 3/4 glass of water
    7. Throw in the herbs
    8. Pressure cook (2 whistles).

    Its rather nice. mild but the onion and herbs add a subtle hint of flavor.very filling too.

  2. on second thoughts: I keep making such a rice mix all the time.

    I use all the vegetables I want to get rid of from the fridge. Soak any dal I can lay my hands on. And then use simple condiments to give flavor. I am dying to try brown and red rice recipe though. Healthy.
    Namdhari .. ere i come.

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