Music is the rope you can grab to propel yourself to new extremes. Of late, my visits to the gym have become private raves characterized by phenomenal bursts of energy, a state of trance when I close my eyes, and pure magic. Euphoria is inevitable if you enjoy the workout.

There is rhythm in all of us. To find the resonant frequency, sometimes, it isn’t enough to sit and absorb. Movement, dynamism, action, throbbing muscles all contribute to your dance.

I can be pretty repetitive when it comes to music, and listen to the same music for months, especially when it comes to routines I associate with them. For example, I have used the Alien Project v/s Rajaram Live at Heineken Sundance albumwrap for all my workout sessions, starting February. Last evening, I took it a notch higher and used Azax Syndrome – Shinjitzu for a change and that made all the difference. I spent 45 mins doing cardio instead of the regular 30 odd mins. For me it was no longer about brisk walking, which is my routine on the treadmill because I can’t jog. But I couldn’t take that pace anymore and started jogging. Walking was no longer enough. No one walks at parties.


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